A Whole Year Later…

Um, hi there.  This is awkward.  I’ve managed to completely avoid this space for a little over a year now.  How did that happen?  What can I say?  I’m imperfect.  Yesterday I had pie for breakfast and today I had cinnamon rolls for dinner  For those of you who may be wondering if I’m ever going to write again (Hi Jen, your baby is cute!), I make no promises but I’ll try.   Let’s just jump right back in, shall we?

My sweet friend G is newly married and hosting Christmas dinner for both families for the first time.  She is a planner and  a perfectionist, so she decided to have a few people over this weekend so she could do a trial run.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls – the whole bit!  I offered to bring desert and a plan was made for Saturday!

Since I am a crazy person, I decided that Saturday morning was the PERFECT time to re-attempt the lattice top pie crust that I have previously ruined.  Multiple times.  Let me tell you, it was touch and go for a bit  – I chilled the dough too long and couldn’t get it to roll out without cracking, so I had to roll it back up and start over.  THEN it wouldn’t come together because of the flour I’d sprinkled over my countertop.  THEN I started thinking about how some old school ladies believe that if you have to roll out the pie crust more than once, you should just scrap that batch and start over because it’ll be too tough.  There was shouting.  Possibly swearing.  The Dude had the misfortune of calling in the middle of this and got to listen to me smack the rolling-pin around while whining about my aching arms and yelling four letter words when the stupid crust cracked AGAIN.  I considered scrapping the dough and starting over, but I was out of flour and didn’t feel like brushing my hair and getting presentable so I made do.  The drama continued when I realized that I do not own any kind of ruler or other measuring device, so the lattice top pieces could not be measured exactly.  In the end, eyeballing the strips of dough worked out and I managed a semi-respectable fluted crust.  For the first time ever.  I brushed the top of the pie with beaten egg and sprinkled it with sugar and congratulated myself for making it this far without crying or throwing everything in the trash.

Unbaked and beautiful!
Isn’t it pretty?  I was so happy that I’d gotten this far that I almost forgot to cover the edges!  Luckily, common sense kicked in and I quickly fashioned a few pieces of foil into pie guards.  Had I not remembered this crucial little step, I am sure that my pretty fluted pie crust would have turned to charcoal.

Golden Goodness!
Isn’t it gorgeous?  Obviously the fluted edges still need some work, but the lattice top WORKED!  It looks the way it should!  I did a little dance around the kitchen when I pulled it out of the oven.  Let’s get a closer look…


Since going overboard is the ONLY way to go, I also made a cherry pie.  Because four people definitely need two whole pies.  I decided to go in a different direction with this lovely and gave it a nice, buttery crumble topping.  SWOON.  It is my favorite thing on pie right now.  The crumble top gets all perfectly golden and crispy and the cherry goo comes through juuuust a teeny bit and it is just beautiful.






I am happy to say that I finished baking in time to sneak a small nap before getting ready to head over to G’s house.  It was one of those great, mellow nights – tons of good food (G kicks holiday dinner ass!), lots of red wine, and many laughs.  I was absolutely delighted when I was sent home with left-over dinner rolls.  They were made from scratch and completely delicious.  I ate two between walking in my door and going to bed that night.  There’s no shame here, I love me some carbs!

The next morning, I had a fairly intense red wine headache.  I cured it with Brody snuggles, Coke Zero and left-over cherry pie.  I zoned out in front of the TV and just ate it from the pan.  It was equal parts awesome and shameful.

The rest of the day was spent being lazy with Brody, snacking on dinner rolls, and being confused by the time change.  Good stuff.  It was everything a lazy Sunday should be.

Sleepy Brody






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