Peanut Butter Apology Cookies

I need to share something – I can be a real brat sometimes.  Today was one of those days. 

I got all mad at The Dude for things that completely weren’t his fault, called and woke him up after a late night at his high-pressure job, and was super-bratty while he tried to be sweet to me.  BRAT.

I felt bad pretty much as soon as we hung up.  An apology text was sent and all was well, but I still felt like a jerk.  For good reason.  I wanted to do something nice for The Dude, which can be difficult since we live in different states.  Enter the apology cookies.  The Dude loves peanut butter more than just about anything, so these cookies from Jessica at How Sweet It Is fit the bill perfectly.

I…may or may not have dipped a spoon into the buttery peanut butter mixture once or twice.  I’m bad like that.





I only had dark brown sugar on hand…I don’t think it’s an issue. 

I don’t know about anyone else but I love my Kitchen Aid mixer so much I could make out with it.  Is that weird?

Hello, mix-y goodness. 

Chocolate chips make pretty much everything better.  I know this.  A spoonful of peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips is a snack some people enjoy.  So I’ve heard…it’s certainly something I’d never do.  Please ignore the peanut butter smeared spoons in my sink.

Are these golf ball sized?  I don’t think I’ve seen a golf ball in years.  I’m sheltered like that.  Close enough, I guess…


Brody loves peanut butter.  He’s trying REALLY hard to be good and wait for a bite.

Um…Brody?  Since when is this allowed?  Brody…???

These would definitely make me forget about someone’s bratty behavior.  I promise Brody didn’t lick them!

How beautiful is this cookie?  It’s seriously taking every meager ounce of willpower I have to put these in a bag and ship them off to The Dude.  I’d kind of like to shovel them all into my face while watching DVR’d episodes of Pan Am and The Playboy Club, hoping in vain that one of them will fill the void left by Mad Men. 

There are 24 cookies as of right now.  Bets on how many actually make it to The Dude?




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